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tenant overview

Overview of Services for Current Tenants

The following items will give you a better understanding of the services offered for our current tenants.





  • Property Management


    We specialize in the management of single-family homes. We have an extensive knowledge of the local markets and our goal is to help our clients find the home that meets their individual needs. Our experienced staff is highly qualified experts in showing, marketing, presenting, managing and maintaining properties. In addition our knowledge of the many legal aspects of property management, fair housing laws, landlord and tenant rights provides our owners and tenants with a level of comfort, security and assurance that agreements and arrangements fall within the letter of the law. Our expertise and experience covers all aspects of property management with a record of quality and professional service that has earned us a reputation of trust and reliability.

  • Communication

    move in day

    Our team is here to help residents be comfortable in their home. Our goal is to provide “Good Homes for Good People”. Upon lease signing residents are provided with an online portal via our website where they can access information, make online payments, print leases, and resident statements. An email will be sent with your personal login to our website allowing you to view your information. Residents are provided with unlimited access to our staff. Residents can place maintenance request online via the website.

  • Property Maintenance


    Our goal at Turn Key is to provide “Good Homes for Good People”. As part of our resident guarantee we will return all maintenance calls promptly. Initially you will speak with our resident coordinator who will assign a maintenance team member to respond to your request. Our maintenance team will contact you within 24 hours for non emergency calls and immediately if it is an emergency situation. An emergency situation example is a furnace out in winter conditions. In some cases if the repair is an expensive issue we may need to get owner approval to complete the task. The owners that we deal with want to do what is right by their property and the tenant; particularly if a tenant pays their rent on time each month. However, owners are not made of money as many tenants would presume. If a tenant really enjoys the property, it is in the tenant’s best interest to put a little effort into keeping it maintained. Most owners are happy to share expenses when a tenant wants to make a change or improvement that directly benefits the tenant. An example might be the painting of a room or installation of new windows. These are items the tenant wants but can ultimately benefit the owner as well.

  • Ownership / Investing

    investment planning

    For residents who would like to own a home we can custom design an investment plan to help them meet their goal. The Detroit market is ripe for individual home ownership. Many investors are open to land contracts for good tenants who are on time payers. There are many mortgage programs to help turn renters into home owners with the help of seller contribution and available Federal programs. Lenders and counselors are available to help with credit counseling to improve credit scores in an effort to obtain a mortgage.

  • Insurance


    Turn Key Property Solutions has aligned with an insurance company to help get proper tenant coverage for your personal property. If you are not independently wealthy like say Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, or even the Olsen twins... then you should carry Renters Insurance.

    True or False? Your landlord is responsible for any damage to your personal belongings?  FALSE

    All you need to do is look in the paper on any given day and you will see that crimes have been committed and catastrophes like fire and floods have taken place... nobody is exempt. Accidents happen, they happen all the time. Nobody plans them, that's why they are called accidents.

    The owner carries insurance to protect his property, the real estate. If a water pipe bursts, or a basement floods, or vandalism occurs it is not the owner’s responsibility to replace your personal items. Every year we have tenants lose their belongings because something happens.... GET INSURANCE! Please protect your personal property, contact:

    Chris Gazepis, Agent
    Noel Selewski Agency Inc
    15206 Mack Ave Grosse Pointe MI 48230
    Phone: 313-886-6857
    Fax: 313-886-6106
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Tax Preparation

    Taxes money

    As a service for our residents we have professional tax preparers that can help with preparing tax returns for individuals. This service is available call today to schedule a consultation or for more information. You may contact Susan Drake 313-633-6659 with any questions regarding tax preparation.