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Online Management Software

Our professional software provides our clients a Complete Property Management System with 24/7 access, anywhere in the world!


Overview of Features

  • Maintain Accounting Records

    maintain accounting records


    • Keep a complete financial picture for owner properties with full general ledger accounting.
    • Track property income, expenses, liabilities and more.
    • Run key financial reports including the Owner Statement, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet.


  • Track Tenant Charges & Payments

    track payments


    • Keep a history of all tenants, their charges and payments.
    • Print current statements and run delinquency reports on demand.
    • Automatically charge late fees according to lease agreement procedures.


  • Grant Online Access to Owners

    grant online access


    • Let owners update contact information online.
    • Give owners online access to their data; let them run reports on demand.


  • Receive Maintenance Requests & Generate Work Orders

    work orders

    • Receive and respond to maintenance requests online.
    • Get notified instantly when new requests arrive.
    • Generate work orders and assign to maintenance staff.
    • Keep residents informed with status updates.
    • Maintain property repair and maintenance records.
    • Generate maintenance reports for property owners.

  • Accept & Issue Online Payments

    accept onilne payments


    • Accept electronic payments from residents safely and securely.
    • Send and receive payments from multiple bank accounts.
    • Automatically update the correct ledgers when payments are received.


  • Grant Residents Online Access

    online access

    • Let residents review account balances online.
    • Accept electronic payments safely and securely.
    • Accept and track maintenance requests online.
    • Let residents download leases and other documents.
    • Post important notices and announcements electronically.
    • Create an online directory of important phone numbers.

  • Market Your Listings Online

    property marketing

    • List vacancies on your resident website.
    • Receive inquiries online from interested prospects.
    • Receive applications online.
    • Get notified immediately when a new application arrives.