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Metro Detroit Property Management & Rehab Services

Full-service property management and rehab for local, out-of-state, and international property owners

  • Reliable, Hassle-Free Property Management
  • Full-Service Property Rehabilitation
  • Competitive Rehabilitation & Maintenance Costs
  • Monitor & Maintain Your Properties From Anywhere, 24/7


Turn Key Property Solutions offers all-inclusive property management solutions for local, out-of-state, and international property owners that own investment properties in the Metro Detroit area. Our focus is providing you, the property owner or investor, peace of mind knowing we handle every aspect of management and rehabilitation from A to Z. We have a long list of clients throughout the U.S. and the world that rely on us to maintain and nurture their properties, and our highly qualified staff are experts in showing, marketing, presenting, and maintaining properties. In addition, our knowledge of the many legal aspects of property management, fair housing laws, and landlord/tenant rights provides our owners and tenants with a level of comfort and security. We stand by our record of quality and professional service!

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  • Property Rehabilitation


    Our Project Managers conduct a thorough evaluation of the property to determine what needs to be done to achieve ideal living conditions. We work with multiple contractors to rehab the properties at a price that is very competitive in the market today. The focus during the rehab is to make the property clean, safe, and livable while adhering to our client's budget.


  • Maintain your Property Online 24/7!


    Our Online Software allows you, the owner, the ability to access and monitor every aspect of your property management, from anywhere. We implemented this state-of-the-art management system to allow our investors all across the globe to have direct control over their Metro Detroit property investments. From accounting & finances to work orders & real estate have full access at your fingertips, 24/7! (Learn More)


  • Property Taxes

    Taxes money

    From a property owner's point of view, taxes are the biggest deterrent when considering an investment in the city of Detroit. We work with local tax firms who have obtained tax reductions of 50% and greater for many of our clients.


  • Insurance


    Turn Key Property Solutions carries a Master Policy which allows us to insure all of our client's properties at an extremely attractive rate. Simply let us know you wish to be insured under our master policy and we can add you immediately online.


  • Legal


    We have referral services for property owners who require legal advice, because there are many issues which need to have specific attorney services such as deed preparation, setting up Limited Liability Companies, structuring businesses, EIN #’s, setting up bank accounts, and other needs as they arise.


  • Accounting


    Our advisers for accounting and tax services work with our clients to achieve a harmonious flow of information from Turn Key, to the CPA.


Metro Detroit property management starts with us! Local, out-of-state, and international property owners - Contact the experts at Turn Key Property Solutions today for your property management and rehabilitation needs

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